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Pantheons of the World

Welcome to the gateway to the Pantheons. The plan is to log every known deity, demon, spirit, hero, saint and legend of all cultures and times, but divine intervention is a little slow in coming. All sections are works in progress so if you want to chip in with suggestions, have spotted a mistake of epic proportions or just want to pop round and put the kettle on, please contact me.


Aztec Pantheon
Meet heroic ants, drunken rabbits and the divine cactus!
The Aztecs are on a holy mission to return the favour of sustenance to the gods, with volunteers literally scrapping to get up the alter steps!

Caribbean Pantheon
Mostly Voodou with a smattering of Taino and a little folk-lore too!

Coming soon - Incan and Mayan


Pantheon of Japan
The Gods of, well, everything. Nature, elements, toenail clippings, you name it. There's probably someone somewhere running the rule over this very screen for possible deification right now...

Pantheons of India
Hindu started out as a celebration of the elements, in fact, it started out as Vedic, but super-size-me shots of ambrosia-roid were soon needed as the more accesible-to-the-common-man Buddhism arrived. Destruction is high on the agenda... as is creation... and the bits in the middle...

Coming soon - Chinese and Tibetan.


Norse Pantheon
Giving the Gung-ho Gods of Denmark, Norway and Sweden a divine hammer, giant iron boots and a cauldron full of Ale can only mean trouble... especially if they also get their hands on some mistletoe and a huge horn!

Coming soon - Celtic and Slavic.


Coming soon - Oceanic and Oz Dreamtime Pantheons.

As always, suggestions are most welcome and if you spot an error of epic proportions, please, let me know.

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