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(Hindu Demon)ANDHAKA

Also known as ANDAKHA

Born from a drop of Shivas sweat and adopted by the Asura Hiranyaksha.

As Parvati's hands were playfully covering Shiva's eyes during a bit of Godly jiggy jig he couldn't see a thing, therefor Andhaka was born blind.

Upon hearing the prayers of Hiranyaksha who was in desperate need of a son, Shiva gave him Andhaka who went on to rule the Asuras.

In the meantime his cousins decided they wanted to take over the kingdom, so the understandably upset Andhaka went into the forest to perform Tapasya. Standing on one leg for a million years without food or water, he cut bits off of himself and threw them into the sacrificial fire. When he was down to the bare bones Brahma showed up to ask what the hell he was doing.

"What the hell are you doing" asked Brahma

"I want a boon" said Andhaka

"Oh yeah, don't we all?" replied Brahma, expecting the demon to ask for something ridiculous. He wasn't disapointed.

Andhaka asked for the usual stuff... immunity from Gods, demons, humans,

"Ok, thats fair enough" said Brahma

"But there's more .. i want to be immune to any kind of Vishnu induced death too!" said Andhaka.

"Ah, no can do" said Brahma, "that would make you the most powerful thing on earth. Sorry, i can't help you chap!"

"What if" said Andhaka, "i pick a single condition of my own demise? Lets say, oh i don't know .. if i fall in love with someone who is like a mother to me i will just drop dead, no questions asked?"

Brahma - "deal done".

The first thing Andhaka did was employ three generals, Duryodhana, Vighasa and Hasti then invade heaven. He defeated Indra and the other Gods and made them pay taxes to the demons, but really, what did Brahma expect?

When Andhaka's cousins heard that he had become so powerful because of the boons they not only returned his kingdom to him but also gave him theirs too. Not so tough now are they? Thus he began to rule over all the three worlds.

But it was a lonely life, so much time and a beautiful new home at Mount Mandara, which he also stole, but no wife to share it with.

In the meantime his demons had been out scavenging and discovered a real beauty who would make a wonderful wife. Unfortuanately she was already married .. to Shiva. Undeterred Andhaka made for the cave where the object of his desires was living and brought along his not so merry men. A five hundred year long battle ensued with Nandi, Vishnu, Indra et al fighting the demons. The Gods were winning too, until general Vighasa opened his big mouth and ate them all up. Shukracharya scooting around the battlefield bringing the dead demons back to life didn't help matters either. Surprisingly Shiva hadn't joined in the frolics yet .. but now he was now peaved.

He killed Vighasa and rescued the Gods from the asuras stomach then swallowed Shukracharya, which stopped the re-animation antics. But now there was another problem. The Gods weapons were doing prescious little damage to Andhaka, and the few drops of blood that did hit the ground were just making more identical nasties. In a moment of military brilliance Shiva created a goddess known as Yogeshvari who was appointed the task of drinking up the earth-bound blood, and the other Gods created the Matrikas. It was a good system .. Shiva and the did the killing and Yogeshvari did the drinking. Pretty soon there was only Shiva and Andhaka left. Shiva flung his trident which stuck in the demons chest and the Asura king fell down dead. Hurrah!!

Oh, and by the way. The woman Andhaka lusted over was Parvati .. the woman who was like a mother to him.
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Parents : Shiva and Parvati
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