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(Norse Mortal)SIGURD

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Icelandic hero often called Sigfried.

His father Sigmund managed to pull a magical sword out of Odin's Branstock Tree and won great fame throughout Scandinavia by smiting viscous beasties left, right and centre.

But picking a fight with a frail old man with one eye and a wide-rimmed hat wasn't his brightest idea as it turned out to be Odin in disguise and a dying Sigmund left his broken sword to the unborn Sigurd.

It wasn't a happy start to life. Unwanted by King Alf, the second husband of his mother Hiordis, he was sent to live with Regin the son of Hreidmar. Things started to look up when he realised that venom didn't really phase him at all and he was gifted a horse called Grani which came from the loins of Odin's Sleipnir. But Regin soon began to corrupt Sigurd's fragile mind with tales of woe and how he was diddled out of Andvari's treasure.

Having tricked Sigurd into going to reclaim the gold, Regin crafted a wonder-sword which came a bad second to an anvil in a test run. Sword number two faired no better then Sigurd remembered the legacy of his father.

Re-forging the broken fragments of Gramr turned out to be a stroke of genius as it cleaved an anvil clean in half with a practice stroke, and Sigurd set off to reclaim the golden hord. Using the element of suprise he hid in a ditch as Fafnir slithered overhead. A few stabs later and the job was done.

Regin : 'This calls for a celebration feast'

Sigurd : 'Yay! What are we going to eat?'

Regin : 'Fafnirs heart. And you're cooking!'

Sigurd : 'You're having a laugh. I've never cooked in my life!'

Regin : 'You'll be fine. Just give it a poke now and again to see if it's done'

So the heart is roasting, and Sigurd gives it a prod : 'Ouch. It's bloody hot' and after sticking his burnt finger into his mouth to ease the pain, as you do, things start to sound a bit weird.

The tiny drop of heart juice on Sigurds burnt finger was enough to transfer Fafnir's knowledge of bird language, which turns out to be an enormous stroke of luck. At that very moment some nuthatches were chattting about Regin's plot to kill Sigurd and take the gold for himself.

Sigurd wasn't keen on this idea as he had become insanely possesive of the treasure and also had to investigate that bright light on the mountain over yonder that had bugged him for hours.
He beheaded Regin and settled down to finish the feast himself.

The bright light he saw was a ring of fire and as he dashed through he discovered a sleeping Brynhild. It was love at first sight. This should've been a happy ending, but after giving her Andvari's ring by way of engagement, it wasn't long before things started to go horribly wrong.

Sigurd was starting to crumble under the weight of the dwarfs curse and a rather unfortunate meeting with Grimhild and her magical mead of forgetfulness didn't help matters.

Gunnar wanted Brynhild for himself but only Grani with Sigurd on board was brave enough to make the leap of faith. Reeling from Grimhilds home brew, Sigurd completely forgot about his love for Brynhild and took the form of Gunnar to rescue her on his behalf. In no time at all Sigurd was married to Gudrun and things got really messy.

Brynhild, blissfully unaware of the switcheroo, was bragging about her brave husband when Gudrun spilled the beans on what had really happened on that fateful day. She was not amused.

Feeling betrayed she murdered Sigurd's three year old son Sigmund, named after his father, then tried to enlist the help of Hogni and Gunnar to avenge her honor. They were torn.

They really wanted the treasure, but really didn't want Sigurd's blood on their hands, they were blood brothers after all. But the draw of the gold was just too strong and after Grimhild stoked up their other brother Guttorm with one of her infamous turbo shandies he went berserk and finished the job for them.

More doom and gloom followed as the ring went into death dealing hyperdrive. Take your pick from Brynhild, Hogni, Gunnar, Guttorm or check out the origin of Andvari's curse.

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