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Yep. They they do exist, but you've got to dig. Flea markets and charity shops are your best bet for picking up some cracking books at bargain prices. I've picked up many a good read for mere pennies.

Ebay was once a hot spot for resources too, back in the day, as people raided their loft for things to sell for beer money. Of course, that was before it became the devils playground, with more 'buy it now for ridiculous price' nonsense than actual open auctions. However, you can still pick up the odd bargain if you're in the right place at the right time. And if you do find something you like the look of cross check it with Amazon, they have zillions of used books for sale and you'll probably find their sellers are less deluded about the grandeur of their product.

A word of warning if buying from the internet : just because the cover is battered and worn and the sale description includes the words 'rare' or 'out of print' - as they often do to increase wow factor - it doesn't mean it's worth the ridiculous ammount that the seller is probably asking for it. Be cute, be wary and don't be afraid to contact the seller for details. Only buy from reputable companies that offer refunds, so when your limited edition Rig Veda - hand signed by Lord Vishnu turns out to be a 2008 ladybird pop-up book that comes free with every litre of petrol from the local garage you can send it back with a two finger salute.

Can't find what you're looking for or want more info on any god? Use the google machine to scour the new-fangled inter web from this very page. It's like some sort of dark magic...

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