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If you can't go into a store and find shelves bowing under the sheer weight of books on the worlds most popular mythology you're probably in a shop that doesn't sell books.

So .. go to a book store! There, you see? If you listen carefully you might hear the shelves cry out 'please remove some of this weight from me'. Being the good Samaritan type you will help, maybe buy one or two, and as soon as you have the store keeper will bring more out to replace them. Dammit! Still, you've done your bit, it's someone elses problem now.

Books worthy of your attention : "The Greek Myths" (.com)/(.uk) by Robert Graves was originally released as two volumes but is now available in one bumper edition and contains pretty much everything you need to know, if you can get to grips with the slightly unorthodox index. "The Complete World of Greek Mythology" (.com)/(.uk) by Richard Buxton is a peach, and will surely be of interest to anyone studying Greek art too - every page has an illustration! And "The Golden Age of Mythology" (.com)/(.uk) by Thomas Bulfinch, as well as being as cheap as chips, can still stand shoulder to shoulder with any of the young pretenders. It is as readable now as it ever was.

If 'old' stuff is your thing you could do worse than go right back to the beginning and use the sources that so many have reached for when writing modern (and somtimes mis-) interpretations of Greek myth...

"Iliad of Homer" (.com)/(.uk) by Richmond Lattimore. Undoubtedly the finest translation there is.
"Oddysey of Homer" (.com)/(.uk). Odysseus and the Trojan War, again, an absolutely sterling translation by Lattimore. Is he a relative of Homer?!
"Argonautica" (.com)/(.uk), originally written in the 3rd century bc by Apollonius of Rhodes, all about Jason and his quest for the golden fleece.

Finally, for the kids. We feel that mythology should be compulsery in schools. The world is too big for one God to manage! For introducing your little ones to the joys of myth you can't go wrong with one (or all!) of following un-offensive, user friendly, and lavishly illustrated little Gems:

"D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths"(.com) / (.uk)
"Mythology" (Greek) - Part of the 'ology' series (.com)/ (.uk)

This week I 'ave been mostly pawing...
MYTHOLOGY - Greek Heroes, Gods and Monsters. (.com)/ (.uk)
Okay, this one will suprise you.
It's no where near the biggest nor most informative, just scraping the surface of Greek myth with small entries on the better known Gods and critters, but it has something that other books don't ... charm, and bags of it.

Granted, it's aimed at kids with its lovely pictures, secret pouches, envelopes and nooks filled with all kinds of bits and bobs, but we're all kids at heart, and i love it.

In fact, my nephew decimated mine in a sugar induced rage and i bought a new one, that's how lovely it is. Sometimes you just have to have something because it looks nice!
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